Hi. I’m Tasha Branham and I am the Founder of naturally smitten. I’ve been natural since October of 2007 and I must say, I love being natural!

I am a wife, mother designer, marketing & brand strategist and entrepreneur. I love shopping, traveling and eating good food. I’m kind of quirky and whimsical and I love vintage things!

I started naturally smitten (formerly MILK + HONEY) back in 2012 because, as a 4b/4c natural, it was difficult for me to find hydrating and moisturizing products for my hair. Most moisturizers that I had tried, left my hair feeling dry and sticky. I wanted a moisture that lasted for days. A moisture that didn’t weigh my hair down and one that didn’t feel greasy.

I created naturally smitten for the naturalista who has thick and coarse tresses. The naturalista who experiences shrinkage and wants that staple product line to keep her hair healthy and moisturized.

On the naturally smitten blog, we will cover topics about natural hair care, natural hair styles, health, life, and fashion. If you have a topic that you would like to submit to our site, please email us at hello [at] naturallysmitten.com. I hope that you enjoy your stay on the naturally smitten blog!