All Hail Kale

Kale is no new kid on the block but, it is definitely making its presence known! What if I told you that kale packs enough punch to help your hair grow? Would you believe me? Here’s how:

Kale is full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Drinking kale juice everyday can prevent breakage. Kale is rich in B complex vitamins which create red blood cells. Red blood cells aid in transporting of oxygen to scalp follicles. When there is a deficiency of vitamin B, it can cause excessive shedding and weakened follicles. Kale is also rich with biotin. Biotin aids in hair growth while promoting healthy scalp.

Kale helps to increase the circulation in the scalp. Increased circulation helps the hair growth at a faster rate.


Kale juice increases hair’s elasticity. It helps to increase your hair’s strength and it makes your individual strands thicker.

So, add kale to your smoothies. Use kale in your favorite salad. Cook it in the oven for delicious kale chips. Oh, and you can always juice it.

Get creative with adding the “queen of green” to your diet. Your hair will thank you!

I am Tasha and I am the Founder of Naturally Smitten. I have been natural since 2007. I didn’t transition for very long because I was very excited about becoming natural. I BC’d after transitioning for only four months. My 4a/4b (mostly 4b) hair is very thick and coily. It takes a lot to retain moisture. My hair also loves to tangle and knot up! I have had a difficult time finding the “right” product for my hair. Many of the products that I have tried, didn’t leave me with enough moisture. I decided to create a moisturizer that would hydrate and moisturize coarsely textured hair. I want to educate women on how to care for their natural hair and how to maintain healthy length. Follow us at Naturally Smitten as we embark on our journey of loving our natural hair and embracing every coil. Live, learn + love your natural hair!

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