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Bantu Knot Out on Semi Straight Hair

One hairstyle that I’ve struggled with has been the Bantu Knot Out. It seems fairly simple however it takes pure strategy to achieve the perfect results.

Once you learn the strategy the next obstacle is figuring out how in the world do you sleep with Bantu Knots in your head? Do you part your hair or, do you simply just grab hair and twist them into knots?

This time I gave myself a good blowout and a thorough combing and I flat ironed my hair. Not only was my hair completely detangled but I also used my Moisturizing Hair Butter for that extra shine and moisture.

My hair was so fluffy and light!

I opted not to part my hair but instead I grabbed each small section, finger coiled it and then placed it into a Bantu Knot and secured it with a bobby pin.

Because I wanted to wear a topknot style so, I section my hair at the top and in the back prior to Bantu Knotting it. I must say that I really love my results!

The only thing that I did not like is that because my hair was previously flat ironed, my hair did not hold its texture very long.

Maybe next time I’ll try on semi dry hair?

I am Tasha and I am the Founder of Naturally Smitten. I have been natural since 2007. I didn’t transition for very long because I was very excited about becoming natural. I BC’d after transitioning for only four months. My 4a/4b (mostly 4b) hair is very thick and coily. It takes a lot to retain moisture. My hair also loves to tangle and knot up! I have had a difficult time finding the “right” product for my hair. Many of the products that I have tried, didn’t leave me with enough moisture. I decided to create a moisturizer that would hydrate and moisturize coarsely textured hair. I want to educate women on how to care for their natural hair and how to maintain healthy length. Follow us at Naturally Smitten as we embark on our journey of loving our natural hair and embracing every coil. Live, learn + love your natural hair!


  • Today i tried bantu knots. They came out very pretty however, they are kinda frizzy. Any suggestions on getting rid of the frizzies??

    • Bantu knots are tricky! I’d recommend using a setting foam along with a non-glycerine moisturizer when you are setting your hair. When you take the knots down, be sure to use an oil to lightly apply to your hands, which will help to prevent the frizzes. Hope this helps.


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