Black Opal Luxe Lipstick- A Hype Hair Blogger Review

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As a part of the Hype Hair Blogger Network, I received a Hype Hair + Cocotique box that was loaded with hair and beauty goodies! The first item that I want to review caught my eye. It was the Black Opal Color Splurge Luxe Matte Lipstick. I had never heard of Black Opal and I was very eager to give them a try. I am a long time fan of matte colors and the palate included in the box was screaming for me to play around with each color.

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My favorite lip color is red. I love it because its classy, classic and it can give off that retro-vintagey feel. Those were the colors that I tried on first. One thing that I’ve learned is that, just because you like a thing, it doesn’t mean that that thing looks right on you. Hence, I will only be reviewing one color. All of their colors were so beautiful! Actually, a true confession, I had no idea of what color would look best on me. I’ve tried nudes. Fail. Reds. Fail. Browns and burgundys. Fail some more. I never thought of doing a purple though. Honestly, when I initially saw Jazzberry, I said meh. Not that the color wasn’t gorgeous but, I just wasn’t expecting it to be gorgeous on me lol.

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When I put Jazzberry on my lips, the rest is history. I absolutely loved the color. Interestingly enough, the color took on a personality of its own once I applied the color to my lips. It became more of a purple-ish/pink-ish color.

Even though the color is a matte, there was a hint of gloss, which was perfect. Not too glossy and not too dull. I am going to purchase a lip liner that will give my lips a more pronounced look and make the Jazzberry color pop even more.

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All in all I love this brand! I will definitely be trying out more colors. I am wondering how the other colors will look on my skin during the summer months when my skin gets its chocolaty brown hue from the sun? We will have to see.

Stay tuned for my next review of the Black Radiance Eye Appeal Lasting Mascara.

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