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MILK + HONEY Press Release

Columbus, Ohio – November 15, 2013 – Mom and entrepreneur, Tasha Branham, launched her collection of natural, organic hair care products and is leading an online movement to help women embrace natural hair.

“I see too many companies telling women with hair likes ours to change it. They say its nappy, unattractive and unprofessional. Other hair care companies market their products to us and they almost always contain awful ingredients that further damage our hair and stunt its growth. We have a generation of women who, for some of them, are learning their hair for the very first time.

MILK + HONEY is inspiring African-American women to embrace what’s unique and beautiful about our hair,” said Tasha, a mother of two and successful entrepreneur.

MILK + HONEY is an exclusive collection of products for African-American women with kinky, coily, and coarsely textured hair. MILK + HONEY strives to educate women and to encourage them to be proud of their natural tresses.

“It’s more than hair, it’s part of our identity. And it’s time we stop hiding it.”

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About Us
MILK + HONEY was created by Founder/CEO of The Barefruit Company, Tasha Branham. MILK + HONEY began as an online storefront in 2009 on, under the name Barefruit Co., showcasing organic hair and skin care products.

Barefruit Co. was featured on in 2011 for the Daily Moisturizing Spray and Hair Butter.
The Barefruit Company has rebranded its hair care collection in 2013 as MILK + HONEY.

I am Tasha and I am the Founder of Naturally Smitten. I have been natural since 2007. I didn’t transition for very long because I was very excited about becoming natural. I BC’d after transitioning for only four months. My 4a/4b (mostly 4b) hair is very thick and coily. It takes a lot to retain moisture. My hair also loves to tangle and knot up! I have had a difficult time finding the “right” product for my hair. Many of the products that I have tried, didn’t leave me with enough moisture. I decided to create a moisturizer that would hydrate and moisturize coarsely textured hair. I want to educate women on how to care for their natural hair and how to maintain healthy length. Follow us at Naturally Smitten as we embark on our journey of loving our natural hair and embracing every coil. Live, learn + love your natural hair!

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